Remedies TA’ XBIEX Launch New Clinics

REMEDIES PHARMACY & CLINICS are pleased to announce the successful launch of the newly refurbished REMEDIES CLINIC, TA’ XBIEX!

The new clinics boast a variety of specialities, amongst which;

·        Paediatrics

·        Gynaecology

·        Diabetology & Endocrinology

·        Family Medicine (general practitioners)

·        Nutrition & Dietetics

·        Physiotherapy

·        Podiatry

·        Chiropractors

·        Psychology

·        Orthopaedics

In addition to the new services outlined above, REMEDIES TA’ XBIEX are now also offering FOOD INTOLERANCE & ALLERGY TESTING.

This team of new specialists along with the upgraded testing facilities, is aimed at providing Remedies clients with a holistic healthcare service.  

To see the full list of doctors and specialists, please visit:


Caring Beyond Prescriptions


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